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Brown's Mill Battlefield 


Ride For The River  2013 Bikeride

              Come and ride with us on our bike ride!!     

              “Ride For The River”

                            Sunday, April 14, 2013      Rain or Shine

                                     On-Site Registration — 8:00 am

                     Pre-register by downloading the Registration Form.         

 All routes begin and end at the Coweta County Fairgrounds on Pine Road, Newnan, GA

                            14 Mile Ride        +       30 Mile Ride  +

                            60 Mile Ride        =      104 Mile Ride

        The Brown’s Mill Battlefield Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.       

                          Proceeds from this event will be used to help develop

                               the Brown’s Mill Battlefield  Historic site. 

                                 For more information call:

              Carolyn  @  770-253-8264      or      Pat  @  770-253-6839


In-kind Contributions & Corporate Sponsorships

If your company is interested in or willing to support the bike ride through an in-kind donation, your logo will be included on the T-shirt, and your company name will be listed in the Press Release and on the website.

Please contact Carolyn Turner at 770-253-8264 for more information.

Information for corporate sponsorship is shown below.  Contact Carolyn Turner for more information.

Levels of Sponsorship

PlatinumSponsorshipincludes:                                $1,500 contribution to BMBA                             Larger logo on Bike Ride T-shirts                    Press Release Listings                                           5 Bike Ride T-shirts                                             Listing on map and website

Bronze Sponsorship includes:                          $250 contribution to BMBA                             Logo on Bike Ride T-shirts                                  1 Bike Ride T-shirt                                         Listing on map and website  

Tin Sponsorship includes:                                 $50 contribution to BMBA                             Name on T-shirt                                         Listing on website               

  Gold Sponsorship includes: $1,000 contributionto BMBA  Larger logo on bike ride t'shirt       Press Release Listings                         3 Bike Ride T-shirts                     Listing on map and website

Silver Sponsorship includes:                 $500.00 contribution to BMBA          Logo on Bike Ride T-shirt                   1 Bike Ride T-shirt                      Listing on map and website



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